The Betrayer’s War, Act II for Descent: Legends of the Dark Available Now

The Betrayer’s War, Act II for Descent: Legends of the Dark Available Now

Venture back to the heart of Terrinoth with the thrilling sequel to Descent: Legends of the Dark


Roseville, MN — September 8, 2023 — The Fourth Darkness has begun in Terrinoth! Today marks the launch of Descent Act II: The Betrayer’s War, sequel to Fantasy Flight Game's popular and critically acclaimed board game, Descent: Legends of the Dark! Driven by player choice, the cooperative dungeon crawler builds on the adventure of its predecessor, unveiling a host of new monsters, quests, and mechanics. The highly-anticipated game is available now in select retailers and at at an MSRP of $159.99 USD.

Enter the high towers, dismal tombs, and dark forests of Terrinoth in Act II, as players band together to fight the darkness that threatens Terrinoth. With all six heroes from the original game returning, players will battle the armies of Waiqar the Undying and fight to prevent the spread of the Uthuk Y’llan horde.

The Betrayer’s War is the culmination of years of passion and dedication from the entire team, and we can't wait for players to experience the next installment in the beloved franchise,” said Philip D. Henry, Senior Game Designer at Fantasy Flight Games. “Each step players take and every decision they make will leave a lasting mark on the world. Act II offers a journey filled with heroism and we’re excited for players to take on the challenge!”


Features include:

  • Who needs a DM anyway: The app-powered board game offers the flexibility to embark on campaigns solo or with a party of up to four players, allowing games to run without a Game Master.
  • Returning characters: Experience the evolved might of Brynn, Chance, Galaden, Kehli, Syrus, and Vaerix in Act II with brand-new hero cards featuring stunning art and enhanced abilities.
  • Go Deep: With full control over every aspect, from activating foes to crafting immersive storylines packed with twists and turns, the game creates an engrossing experience suitable for players of all skill levels.
  • New Stress Condition: Prepare for challenging battles as heroes suffer fatigue when discarding other condition tokens, while enemies employ devious new tactics and exhibit unprecedented power variations.


To learn more about the Descent series and the Terrinoth Legends universe, visit the official Fantasy Flight Games website.







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