Asmodee USA and BoardGameTables.Com Enter In To Exclusive English Distribution Deal

Asmodee USA and BoardGameTables.Com Enter In To Exclusive English Distribution Deal

Roseville, MN – August 5, 2022. Asmodee USA and announced today that they have entered into an exclusive English language distribution agreement that includes the US, Canada, and Mexico. The products added to the Asmodee distribution catalog include Kabuto Sumo, Bites, Mountain Goats, On Tour, QE (Quantitative Easing), and Sequoia. originally started in 2014 as a manufacturer of high-quality gaming tables for hobbyists and has since expanded to offer several engaging board game titles. The company strives to make every part of players’ game night special with high quality components, quick-to-play rules, and stunning game artwork.

Titles included in the distribution partnership include Kabuto Sumo, a game of insect sumo wrestling where players must wisely choose their insect to push opponent’s insects out of the ring. Bites tasks players with using their ants to collect food while other players try to do the same in this indirect-conflict commodity speculation game. Mountain Goats and Sequoia offer players fantastic gaming experiences that can be had in ten minutes, perfect for that end of night gaming session. The music flows through On Tour as players attempt to visit as many locations as possible on their tours through the US or Europe in 100- days. Then, in QE, everyone plays as one of the largest nations in the world as they attempt to save their economy through quantitative easing and printing money but be careful and try not to spend too much money or risk losing.

“Partnering with for this distribution deal is a win for everyone,” said Steve Buckmaster. “Through our network, we will be able to bring their unique offering of games to an even wider audience to enjoy.”

“Our games are quick to learn, deceptively strategic, and sometimes a little quirky. We pour ourselves into the games we make, and so do the designers and illustrators we work with. So, it’s incredibly rewarding when a group laughs and has fun playing one of them. Partnering with Asmodee’s incredible reach means more people will be playing these games at their game nights with friends and family,” said Chad DeShon, Founder,

Asmodee USA and expect to have games available to customers in Q4 2022.




About Asmodee USA

Asmodee USA Distribution is a sales, marketing, and distribution arm of the global Asmodee Group, a leading international company dedicated to bringing great games and amazing stories to all corners of the world. Asmodee USA Distribution represents the strongest portfolio of board games in the industry, including such favorite titles as Catan, Ticket to Ride, Spot It!, Pandemic, Just One, Dixit, X-WingTM, Dead of Winter, and many more.


About was founded in 2014 to sell high quality tables designed for playing board games. In 2016 they were the first company to offer a board game table for less than $1,000, and now offer tables ranging from $699 to over $10,000. In 2018 they published their first board game and have since published twelve more. They also sell the industry’s best selling board game bags, and highly regarded board gaming playmats.