Space Cowboys Announce Upcoming Release of Splendor Duel

Space Cowboys Announce Upcoming Release of Splendor Duel

Confront your rival guild in a race for victory. Take Gems and Pearls from the common board and gain royal favors and prestige!


Roseville, MN – July 25, 2022. Space Cowboys is happy to announce the upcoming release of Splendor Duel, designed by Marc André and Bruno Cathala, in November 2022. Marc André’s Splendor was the first board game that SPACE Cowboys released in 2014 and has since won numerous awards like Best Family Game and nominations like the Spiel des Jahres.

Co-designer Bruno Catala (7 Wonders Duel, Mr. Jack, Kingdomino) collaborated on the project with artist Davide Tosello (Sheriff of Nottingham: 2nd Edition, Orbis) to create this original board game in the Splendor universe. Splendor Duel offers a new 2-player experience, rules, and tactics from the original Splendor, which is sure to excite experienced and new players alike. Fans of Splendor will recognize key aspects of the original game: Renaissance jewels theme, high-quality components, and card/token acquisition mechanics to increase prestige.

Splendor Duel relies on entirely new rules and game contents: a common board, Privilege figurines, and Royal Favor cards, three unique win conditions, and a brand-new resource – the Pearl. Another new addition to the title is cards with multiple characteristic and varied abilities that will trigger additional rounds, bonus tokens, and more.

This new addition to the Splendor line is intended for a wide range of players, from original Splendor fans who want to experience the new rules and tactics, to 2-player game fans who can experience a fierce duel in less than 30 minutes. Fans of games like 7 Wonders Duel and Patchwork are sure to enjoy this new strategy title.

Splendor Duel will be previewed at Essen from October 6th-9th, 2022. Asmodee will distribute it worldwide in November 2022. For more information and digital assets, please visit





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SPACE Cowboys is a board game publishing studio founded in 2014 by industry veterans. Since its first success, Splendor, a famous Spiel des Jahres finalist, the studio has had a long series of releases and victories: Unlock! (Game of the Year 2017), T.I.M.E Stories, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (Spiel des Jahres 1985). The studio offers games to families (10+) and seasoned gamers alike, with two objectives: to have fun and innovate with quality games.