Unexpected Games Announces Next Unique Title, Voices In My Head

Unexpected Games Announces Next Unique Title, Voices In My Head

Premiere studio reveals their newest game of internal conflict in the court of law


Roseville, MN – January 4, 2022. Unexpected Games is excited to announce their second title, Voices In My Head, by legendary game designer Corey Konieczka. In this competitive game, players step into the courtroom and into the mind of a man on trial for robbing a bank.

Voices In My Head marks the second release from Unexpected Games. Konieczka started his career at Fantasy Flight Games in 2005 and is best-known for his work on such beloved games as Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, Star Wars™: Rebellion, and Mansions of Madness: First Edition. He departed his role as VP of Research & Design at Fantasy Flight Games to found Unexpected Games in 2019.

Their first title, The Initiative, released April of 2021 and skyrocketed to #1 on BGG’s Hotness List and #1 on Amazon.com’s Bestselling New Board Games List within the first two weeks of release. The first printing quickly sold out and a second print run was expedited and expanded to include languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Hungarian, and Russian.

Voices In My Head is a completely unique experience from The Initiative, while keeping the imaginative storytelling that Unexpected Games is known for. Instead of codebreaking, one player takes on the role of the prosecutor who is trying to convict the defendant, Guy, and send him to prison. All other players take on aspects of Guy’s personality such as Honesty or Selfishness trying to influence the trial. To win the game, each player must achieve their hidden goal.

Each round, the prosecutor plays a trial card to present evidence, call witnesses, or grill Guy on the stand. Players then try to control Guy’s actions by deploying control markers to a three-dimensional game board representing his brain. These actions will sway the jury in different ways, and ultimately determine whether Guy goes free or is sent to prison.

“This game mixes some of my biggest passions into an experience that I have not seen before. My goal was to create an emergent narrative that players will remember for years to come. This wacky trial will quickly go off the rails and is sure to put a smile on your face.”

Voices In My Head includes 1 Gameboard, 1 Prosecutor Screen, 89 cards, 100 tokens, and more. Players can find Voices In My Head Q1 of 2022.



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