Splendor releases on Board Game Arena

Splendor releases on Board Game Arena


Five colors, endless possibilities! Board Game Arena members can now challenge the platform’s 6 millions players worldwide to a game of Splendor.

Roseville, MN – April 26th, 2021. Asmodee announced today that award winning title Splendor, from Space Cowboys, is now available to play on Board Game Arena (BGA). Since the acquisition by Asmodee three months ago, Splendor was meticulously tailored by BGA and Space Cowboys to provide the best online experience for new and seasoned players.

Splendor has sold over one million copies worldwide since its original release in 2014. In the game, players take on the roles of Renaissance merchants competing to acquire mines, ships, and other goods via the trade of chips and cards. It has become a favorite game among casual and dedicated players due to its streamlined rules, replayability and its ability to scale in difficulty based on the person’s strategic level.

Space Cowboys collaborated with BGA to ensure that fans of Splendor will have the same exceptional play experience online as at the table. Splendor on BGA will showcase the same characters and artwork the tabletop community loves, with enhanced graphics to mimic the high print quality of the tokens and cards that are sure to please any online gaming fan. Players will be able to enjoy the same game mechanisms they expect and a whole new way to challenge players across the globe with the inclusion of worldwide virtual competitive play.

“BGA exists to bring the best games to all players, and we are really proud to offer today this extraordinary game for online play less than 3 months after our partnership with Asmodee that made this possible,” says Grégory Isabelli, BGA co-founder. “Splendor is the ideal game for online play: it is really easy to learn, fast to play, and very good with two players. Now it's up to you to show the whole world who is the real champion!”

François Doucet, Marketing Manager at the Space Cowboys studio, explains:

“We are proud to see Marc André’s game join today the rich catalog of Board Game Arena, alongside the greatest modern board games. The interface efficacy will allow any [game] fan to play when and where they wish to, against opponents from all over the world. Thanks to BGA, new players will be able to discover it through this means. Going online is a significant step in the life of this game, which we will continue to develop in the future, always with the same objective: to satisfy as many players as possible thanks to its simple yet deep gameplay and its material of excellent quality, beautifully illustrated by Pascal Quidault.”

Splendor is now available online to all BGA members. BGA Premium players benefit from exclusive features to have the best play experience with friends and loved-ones: shortened waiting times to join a game, ability to launch a game with friends & family and audio/video chat.

Since the acquisition of BGA, Splendor is the first major game from the Asmodee catalogue to appear on the service, but it is not the last. Several anticipated games are in development and will be released in the coming months.

To celebrate Splendor’s launch, a BGA tournament will happen from May 5th to May 23rd and will be streamed on Trictrac. The four finalists will win the following prizes:

  • Tournament winner: a bespoke noble tile with the winner portrait drawn by the game's illustrator Pascal Quidault and 3 games from Space Cowboys studio available in the winner country
  • 2nd in tournament:  2 games from Space Cowboys studio available in the player country
  • 3rd and 4th in tournament : 1 game from Space Cowboys studio available in the player countries

Learn more on BGA and play with the world!


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SPACE Cowboys is a game publishing studio created in 2014 by industry old-timers. Driven by its first success, Splendor, finalist of the famous Spiel des Jahres, the studio has since accumulated many successful titles: Unlock! (french Game of the year 2017, sold at 1.5 million copies), T.I.M.E Stories, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (Spiel des Jahres in 1985) … The studio offers games to the entire family (ages 10 and up) and to expert players as well. Its goal is to entertain and surprise its customers with high quality games.


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