Re-Marks Puzzles Exclusive Distribution

Re-Marks Puzzles Exclusive Distribution

Roseville, MN – October 29, 2021. Asmodee USA announced their worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with Re-marks, Inc.. The addition of Re-marks’ high-quality jigsaw puzzles to their distribution catalog opens up a new selection of sought-after items for retailers and customers alike.

Re-marks offers stylish and educational all-ages puzzles, bookmarks and games that are sure to please everyone. Featuring both illustrated and photographic content, Re-marks’ puzzle themes include literature, travel, pop culture, art, science, history, and more. The piece counts are varied and calibrated to the individual puzzler's preference.

In their signature style, "Map of the USA", every state interlocks as its own mini puzzle and all the states come together as one entire country. "Map of Europe" is the second in the series; countries join as a continent. "Map of the World" is up next and scheduled for 2022 publication!

Andre Kieren, Head of USA Distribution, heard the call from Asmodee's retail partners. “Growing our distribution library via puzzles was important to us and Re-marks is the perfect partner with whom to take this next step. They really understand the jigsaw consumer and what makes a puzzle great. Their content is unique, and the quality is hard to beat.”

Grace Crowley, founder and CEO of Re-marks, Inc., has been working closely with Andre for the past several months to curate the look, feel and content that will resonate with the Asmodee USA base. “Puzzle demand went through the roof in 2020 and showed no sign of slowing down in 2021. We expect 2022 to be an even bigger year, as we partner with Asmodee USA,” she said.

“The best puzzles merge a timeless tradition with the most stylish and detailed content our at team can conjure,” Grace added.

A selection of puzzles will be available beginning November 2021, including the 1000- piece panoramic Classic Movies, panoramic Bestsellers, the Periodic Table, the 1960s and the 15000 piece Van Gogh. Additional puzzles will be available in the future.


About Asmodee USA

Asmodee USA Distribution is a sales, marketing, and distribution arm of the global Asmodee Group, a leading international company dedicated to bringing great games and amazing stories to all corners of the world. Asmodee USA Distribution represents the strongest portfolio of board games in the industry, including such favorite titles as Catan, Ticket to Ride, Spot It!, Pandemic, Just One, Dixit, X-WingTM, Dead of Winter, and many more.

About Re-marks

We believe there is no end to the demand for fun, tactile and inspiring designs that encourage time away from digital clutter. Our goal is to generate functional products that have the look and feel of fine art. Re-marks is a triple bottom line company: People. Planet. Profits.