Meet Your Sales Rep

Here at Asmodee USA, we are excited to distribute for stores in all 50 states! Take a look at our awesome team and find your account manager today!

Colton Carpenter
Hobby Market Sales Manager

651-639-1905 x155

Favorite game: Bahamas

I’m a Minnesota native, gin enthusiast and I’ve never met a basket of chicken tenders that I haven’t liked. I spend my free time alternating between watching Quentin Tarantino movies & spending time with my pets.

Dan Marshall
Hobby Market Sales Manager

 651-639-1905 x113

Favorite Game: Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Bio:  I feel most productive when using my free time to read, paint, or lift weights. Outside of board games, I also geek out over graphic novels and video games.  I’ve also written free-lance video game reviews for a number of publications. I have the uncanny ability to quote movies in extreme detail.

Tanner Fry
Account Manager

States: TN, MS, OR, WV, NM

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Favorite Game: Spot It!

I am a Minnesota native, and a recent graduate of the University of South Florida with a major in Economics and a minor in Leadership Studies. Go Bulls! I have a passion for people and all things food! In my free time I enjoy watching sports, spending time with friends/family, hiking, and being mediocre at tennis.

Alyssa Vogl-Martie
Account Manager

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Favorite Game: Pandemic

I majored in Mathematics and minored in Computer science-- which means I can estimate the sum of your invoice in both my head and my calculator.   My hobbies include hiking, frisbee golf, long walks on the beach, and long, luxurious bubble baths.  One day, I plan to own a miniature teacup pig in which I will name Stanley.  I don’t think I ever truly learned how to somersault.  I’m a big believer that a hug can go a long way, and I absolutely love mashed potatoes.

Ellie Decker
Account Manager

States: NE, UT, WI

651-639-1905 x230

Favorite Game: Mysterium

Hello! I am a recent Arizona State graduate who is so excited to be back in my home state of Minnesota along side my family, friends, and French Bulldog. In my free time you can find me at my cabin, out with family and friends, or wherever my dog is.

Paige Dale
Account Manager

States: KS, ND ,MA ,HI, & AZ

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Favorite Game: Spot It!

Minnesota born and raised, avid traveler, retired college hockey player, with a dashing sense of humor. I love my dog Ringo, being out on the lake, and driving with the windows down singing 2000’s pop songs.

Ryan Sparks
Account Manager

States: TX


Favorite Game: Untold & Rory's Story Cubes

An avid reader, drinking of whiskey, and tabletop role player, I am originally from Austin, Texas, but have lived here in the twin cities with my wife Jean Marie for five years. I love telling communal stories, and teaching people how to express themselves and find the joys of role playing and board gaming as a group or on their own. I work here to spread the love of community and great experiences that gaming has brought into my life to others, as well as to find more people to beat in MTG.

Jarrett Ford
Account Manager

I am responsible for VT, CO and NC; as well as some other accounts.

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Favorite Game: Star Wars Rebellion

Lifelong hardcore gamer with my favorites being those with strong immersion; including having worked on videogames including Star Wars: The Old Republic and Dead Space 3! I'm an identical twin born on Friday the 13th (jury still out if I have magic powers or not). I also have a Savannah cat named Zaire which is a mix between a bengal cat and an African serval.

Drew Lofgren
Account Manager


Favorite Boardgames: Wavelength

Born and raised in beautiful Minnesota. More comfortable in a pair of skates than a pair of shoes. When I’m not selling the world’s greatest games I’m either playing hockey, hitting balls out of bounds in golf, or just kicking back with my dog Captain watching my beloved Minnesota sports teams lose time and time again. Outside of work and sports, I’m a massive Marvel fan and won’t hesitate to explain to you why Captain America is the greatest Avenger. Nothing makes me happier than making a new friend so please reach out and say hello!

John Huey
Account Manager

States: GA, IA, ME, MO

1 (612) 439-5261
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Favorite Game: Arkham Horror: The Card Game

I am Texas born and raised, a coffee addict, and more than willing to give people unnecessary information about Walt Disney World. I am a husband and father of two wonderful daughters and an avid fan of games.

Henry Olson
Account Manager

States: MN, NH, VA

(612) 345-3215
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Favorite Game: Marvel Champions or X-Wing

Henry Olson is a recent graduate who majored in Theatre Arts. He is a practicing theatre artist in the Twin Cities working with both Pangea World Theatre and The Zephyr Theatre in the last few years.

Kyle Lewis
Account Manager

States: Idaho and Michigan

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Favorite Game: Dead of Winter

Hi, I'm Kyle. I'm a Minnesota native and gaming enthusiast. Since the pandemic I've broadened my cooking skills and learned to paint miniatures. On a never-ending quest to pet every dog.

Josh Genty
Account Manager

States: NY, SD, SC

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Favorite Game: Agricola

I have been a passionate board game player and collector for many years! I have the opportunity to  work in a career that I love and cherish and I can bring that joy to stores all over the country!

Sam Aas
Account Manager

States: Indiana and Florida

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Favorite Game: Legend of the 5 Rings LCG

I’m a tabletop wargaming enthusiast and passionate fan of building tiny plastic models of space men and historical vehicles. I also enjoy coffee, history, and pen and paper RPGs of all stripes and varieties.

Jesse Schweizer
Account Manager

States: IL, MT, DE

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Favorite Game: Captain Sonar

I’ve been to 30 countries, most of the United States, and worked in Hollywood on film sets. I’m an ex-ski bum, downhill biker, hobby carpenter, love reading leadership books, happy camper, and happy husband. If you have any fishing tips, drop me a line. Very excited to finally be working in the industry I am most passionate about.

Josh Lawrence
Hobby Market, Account Manager

States: Washington, Kentucky, Alabama


Favorite Boardgames: Small World

Minnesota Native, born and raised on the hockey rink and lacrosse field. Learning Russian, and love to travel.

Laura Huls
Account Manager

States: NJ, CA, CT, AK, OH

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Favorite Boardgames: Star Trek: Catan

Went to college in Wisconsin, but glad to be back in my home state of Minnesota. I’m a overcompetitive nerd who spends most of her time reading, annoying my cat and roommates or watching the Great British Bake Off.

Annie Warnke
Direct to Hobby Account Manager

States: MD, RI, OH

(612) 230 – 4135
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Favorite Boardgames: Timeline

Dungeon master, turned theatrical stage manager, turned account manager, what I love doing is supporting people in their endeavors. When I get home for the night I like to settle in  and watch a Studio Ghibli movie or continue to work my way through Witcher 3, but usually I’m too busy running from game nights, to choir rehearsals, to Michaels for more crafting supplies!

Kennedy Borton
Account Manager

States: WA, LA, OH

612 230 4093
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Favorite Boardgames: 7 Wonders New Edition

My name is Kennedy Borton, also referred to as Ken by close friends and family. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Fine Arts and Anthropology in 2019. A few of my hobbies are making homemade kombucha, painting or printmaking along with nature walks with friends. Interests – Art, nature, connecting with community (i.e. volunteering, attending community events etc.) and dogs.

Shelly Paul
Account Manager

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Favorite Boardgames: Ticket To Ride

I was the oldest of 5 kids and I’m a cancer sun, so you know I want to take care of people, but I also love to make you laugh! At any given moment I am comprised of approximately 55% cold-press coffee.

Mike Goggin
Account Manager

States: Indiana, Florida, Michigan, and Oklahoma

(612) 230-3585
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Favorite Boardgames: KLASK

I’m a huge Minnesota Sports fan. In my free time, you can likely find me watching a classic movie, scrolling through twitter or trying to unlock the secrets of the guitar. In non-pandemic years I enjoy watching live baseball, playing golf, and grabbing a cocktail with friends.

Andrew Fornoff
Account Manager

States: WY, NV, PA

651-639-1905 x234

Favorite Boardgames: Skull or Sherrif of Nottingham

Howdy! I am a native to western Nebraska, but my family moved to Minnesota when I was in grade school. I have a degree in Retail Merchandising from The University of Minnesota. Go Gophers! I will not lie about how much fried chicken means to me, and Revival in Minneapolis has the best Fried Chicken in the state of Minnesota. In my free time you can find me hiking, listening to new music, or watching a good( or terrible) movie.

Shirley Cooper
Account Manager

States: OR, OK

651-639-1905 x237

Favorite Game: A Game of Thrones Catan

Recent Metropolitan State graduate, born in Africa and raised in Minnesota. Taco connoisseur with a love of food in general. In my free time I spend it working on business and hanging out with my family. Any chance I get I try and travel and make new memories.

Paul L.
Hobby Market Account Manager


Favorite Boardgames: Agricola

Worker placement board game addict and father to Emmett the boxer.