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Two New Studios join the Asmodee Group

Atomic Mass

Bringing over twenty years of industry experience the team at Atomic Mass Games is focused on one singular purpose: becoming one of the top hobby miniatures game companies in the world. Composed of veterans from the tabletop miniatures games industry, Atomic Mass Games is committed to delivering immersive lifestyle hobby games that combine industry leading tabletop miniatures and fast, fun, kinetic game rules to create lifelong collectors and players.



Great games deserve amazing accessories that protect, support and enrich players’ experiences. This is the mission behind the new Asmodee studio, Gamegenic. Under the direction of Adrian Alonso (former lead designer and creative director who developed the Ultimate Guard brand and products), the Gamegenic team will add new class to the market with accessories for various games and licensed products. The product portfolio includes classic storage boxes, sleeves, playmats and more.

New Product Highlights

Marvel Champions LCG

A brand new co-op LCG in the Marvel™ Universe.

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KeyForge Worlds Collide

The Saurians and the Star Alliance join the fray in the Crucible!

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Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Field your Marvel™ dream team against one another in this minis skirmish game from a new studio.

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Black Angel

Earth’s resources have been depleted. Humanity has launched the BLACK ANGEL project to survive.

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Arkham Final Hour

A new fast paced Arkham Horror Files experience in under an hour.

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From the creators of Dixit and Mysterium comes an in-depth visual communication game this time with a traitor mechanic.

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