Next Turn

The Next Turn initiative was created to support brick and mortar hobby stores as they welcome back customers. The program is designed to offer your business ways to generate income on proven, successful products without upfront investment, provide special incentives to draw customers to your stores for new releases, and more. As the program continues to grow, we will update this page with new offers.


Extended Credit Terms

Asmodee USA Distribution is offering a 90-days Extended Credit Terms program as part of Next Turn from June 4, 2020 to July 31, 2020. Any qualifying brick and mortar hobby store will be offered extended credit with a 90-day set of terms on a one-time purchase from a curated list of top selling AUSA distributed games. The products on this list have proven themselves to be successful, and we believe they will help drive revenue into your store.

Orders placed through this offer will begin shipping early-to-mid September. Once shipped, the 90-days extended terms will go into effect. You may adjust your order until it is locked for shipment.

You can contact your AUSA Distribution sales rep now to begin the qualification process and learn more details about the terms of the offer. If you do not have an Asmodee USA Distribution sales representative, please email or call (612) 428-2977 to contact a member of our sales team.


Retailer Ads Fund

Any store that qualifies for and takes part in the Extended Credit Terms offer can also participate in our Retailer Ads Funds program. After placing your extended credit order, you may submit proof of advertising to your sales representative and receive a one-time credit of up to $150.00 on a future invoice. Advertising can take any form that helps get the word out about your store to your local community, including targeted social media ads, local radio, print ads, billboards, signage, and more.


Hobby Exclusive Early Releases

Throughout the year, AUSA will designate high-profile games we believe will interest your customers as early releases in brick & mortar hobby stores.


Shop Friendly, Shop Local

AUSA will also launch a ‘Shop Friendly, Shop Local’ social media advertising campaign promoting these early releases and other future offers, encouraging customers to check with their local game store.