Asmodee and Office Dog Games Announces River of Gold Board Game

Asmodee and Office Dog Games Announces River of Gold Board Game

Roseville, MN – May 21, 2024

On this day, Office Dog Games officially announces River of Gold, releasing August 2nd and making its first retail appearance at Gen Con 2024. This Eurogame is set in the story-rich world of Legend of the Five Rings, bringing the franchise to the table in an all-new way, focusing on a slice of life from the merchants trading on Rokugan’s River of Gold.

Players embark on a captivating journey through the magical realm of Rokugan as a merchant representing one of the Great Clans of Legend of the Five Rings. Invest in trade ports, markets, and shrines; build influence with manor houses; and deliver contracts to amass wealth and rise above your rivals. With fast turns, multiple strategies, and a richly detailed world, River of Gold offers an enchanting experience where wealth and power await those who dare to seize them. Watch the announcement video here:

“The visual design sprung from a very deep well; the world of L5R and Rokugan is rich and developed, and we wanted to bring a yet-unexplored aspect of that world to the fans,” comments Bree Woodward, Creative Director at office Dog Games. “With the gorgeous watercolor map art from Francesca Baerald, and shimmering gold waves, you truly get a sense of the opulence and prosperity of the Rokugani merchant class in River of Gold.

River of Gold will be available for demo, learn-to-play, and purchase at Gen Con August 1-4, 2024 or pick it up at your favorite local game store on August 2, 2024.


About Office Dog Games

Office Dog is a gamer’s best friend. Founded in 2022 as Asmodee North America’s developmental studio, Office Dog works directly with community game designers and developers to bring fresh new titles to the Asmodee catalogue. With a passionate focus on the hobby market, Office Dog games aim to meet gamers where they are with relevant themes and engaging experiences.

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