Jason Anarchy Games Distribution

Jason Anarchy Games Distribution

Roseville, MN – October 29, 2021. Today, Asmodee USA announced they will distribute titles from Jason Anarchy Games as they further grow their distribution catalog with unique games designed for dedicated gamers who look for a more casual experience.

Since 2011, Jason Anarchy Games has been making titles for what they call the hardcore casual player. These are players that are looking for a game that is a lot of fun with friends but without the need for long, complicated rules. The hardcore casual player will feel right at home with games like Drinking Quest – their flagship title that mixes a drinking game with a tabletop RPG – Your Friend is Sad, a game about cheering up a sad friend, and Millennial Manatees: Board Game in a Fanatee Pack, which comes in a beautiful fanny pack.

“Jason Anarchy Games offers a unique, fun take on the casual game, and their titles are a great addition to our distribution catalog,” said Andre Kieren, Head of USA Distribution. “We’re looking forward to providing these games to our customers!”

“I love playing games with my friends but have always wanted more laughs with fewer rules. I started self-publishing 10 years ago with the goal of creating a unique brand of high concept, quick-start comedy games that were inherently funny without putting players on the spot to be funny themselves,” explained Jason Anarchy. “Credit is due to the team at Asmodee for both sharing my sense of humor and helping to get these formerly niche games to a much wider audience.”

Jason Anarchy Games’ product, including Drinking Quest: Old Habits, Your Friend is Sad, and Millennial Manatees, will be available through Asmodee USA beginning November 2021.


About Asmodee USA

Asmodee USA Distribution is a sales, marketing, and distribution arm of the global Asmodee Group, a leading international company dedicated to bringing great games and amazing stories to all corners of the world. Asmodee USA Distribution represents the strongest portfolio of board games in the industry, including such favorite titles as Catan, Ticket to Ride, Spot It!, Pandemic, Just One, Dixit, X-WingTM, Dead of Winter, and many more.

About Jason Anarchy Games

Since 2011, Jason Anarchy Games has built a grassroots following by being heavily active on social media and by being where the people are, working over 100 different conventions. Designer "Jason Anarchy" can be seen on Twitter tweeting some heavy self-parody material and talking about his magnificent biceps. But behind the scenes his focus is on creating casual, comedy games like the Drinking Quest series, Your Friend is Sad, HECK: A Tiny Card Game, Le Neckbeard, Haiku Warrior, Newfoundland Jam and Millennial Manatees.