Asmodee USA and Mantic Games

Asmodee USA and Mantic Games

Asmodee USA Distribution is thrilled to announce it is now the exclusive distributor of Mantic Games’ Hellboy: The Board Game, its expansions, including The Wild Hunt and the upcoming Hellboy in Mexico, and add-ons all inspired by Mike Mignola’s award-winning Hellboy comics and graphic novels. Asmodee USA will also stock, non-exclusively, Mantic’s TerrainCrate: a range of fantastic, pre-assembled plastic scenery perfect for bringing various games to life on the tabletop. 

Hellboy: The Board Game immerses players in the roles of Hellboy and other Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.) members as they face off against Rasputin and other terrifying bosses. Mantic Games worked tirelessly alongside Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics to bring Hellboy, his allies, and his enemies to life in high-quality, pre-assembled plastic miniatures. Fans of Mignola’s work and board game enthusiasts alike will appreciate the close attention to detail along with the tense exploration and spectacular combat the game offers. 

“We are proud that Mantic trusts Asmodee USA Distribution to be the exclusive distributor of Hellboy: The Board Game,” Andre Kieren, Asmodee USA’s Head of United States Distribution. “Mantic’s skill at game design and miniature production mix perfectly with Mike Mignola’s rich Hellboy universe, and we are excited to offer the games and supplies to our customers.” 

“With Asmodee, we’ve found the perfect partner to showcase our mass market products, such as Hellboy: The Board Game and TerrainCrate,” added Ronnie Renton, Mantic Games CEO. “Asmodee’s excellent sales team and unparalleled reach into the USA board game market will ensure these fantastic products reach a whole new audience and will be available in stores across America.” 

Mantic’s line of Hellboy: The Board Game products will be available in Q2 2020, including the upcoming expansion, Hellboy: The Board Game – Hellboy in Mexico. The new expansion introduces exciting new heroes, enemies, and case files to the game. Players will journey to Mexico to fight off an outbreak of supernatural activity as Hellboy and three luchador brothers.

GAMA Expo 2020 attendees in Reno, Nevada are invited to visit Asmodee USA’s booth in the exhibit hall on Wednesday, March 11 and Thursday, March 12 to see the Hellboy: The Board Game line and place pre-orders.