Asmodee North America Introduces Best Sellers Program

Asmodee North America Introduces Best Sellers Program

Roseville, MN – Asmodee North America is proud to announce its Best Sellers Program, designed to support retail partners with improved sales and other added benefits. With the largest and fastest-growing catalog of hobby games in the industry, we are making it easier than ever for our retail partners to stock, sell, and restock our bestselling products.

The Best Sellers range of products represents the forty bestselling titles in our catalog of over 1,500 products, based on sales data from existing customers. In addition to increased sales, retailers who participate in the Best Sellers Program will enjoy the added benefits of a free display rack, point of sale materials, and monthly promotional items, as well as two free games and two free in-store activities every month.

For additional information about the Best Sellers Program, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below, direct questions to your ANA specialist, or use the contact information:
T: (651) 571-2600












About Asmodee North America
Asmodee North America is the sales, marketing, and distribution arm of the global Asmodee Group, a leading international company dedicated to bringing great games and game experiences to all corners of the world. Asmodee North America represents the strongest portfolio in the industry, including such favorite titles as Catan, 7 Wonders, Dixit, Spot It!, Splendor, Ticket to Ride, X-Wing™, and many more.




What is the Best Sellers Program?

The Best Sellers Program rewards retailers for stocking, selling, and restocking Asmodee North America’s bestselling games monthly. Our guiding principles in establishing this program are to:

  • Help increase retailer sales
  • Maintain stock availability on our bestselling products
  • Make our range easy to understand and easy to stock
  • Reward retailers for investing in our bestsellers

What are the advantages of participating?

By participating in the Best Sellers Program, retailers can expect to see the following advantages:

  • Increased Sales
  • Free Rack
  • Point of Sale Material (Window Clings, Posters, Playmats, etc.)
  • 2 Free Games Monthly
  • 2 Free Monthly In-Store Activities
  • Monthly promotional merchandise (branded merchandise exclusive to participating retailers)
  • Products removed from the range that a retailer has in stock will be credited (up to 2 units)
  • When products in the range are replaced by a new edition, accounts will be credited for up to 2 copies of the previous edition of the game.


How can a retailer participate?

Retailers join the program by stocking the complete range of Best Selling Products in a depth of 2. To continue participation, retailers need to complete a stock check with their ANA specialist on a monthly basis, re-ordering products that have sold back to a minimum of 2.

If a retailer has multiple locations, can each location participate?

Yes, each location that has been approved by Asmodee North America can participate.

What if a retailer already has stock of these Best Sellers?

Retailers that already have stock do not need to purchase the entire range again. Retailers can complete a stock check with their ANA specialist and submit a picture of their existing stock and order the products they are missing to start participating.

Do retailers need to provide a picture every month?

We’d love to see how the product is merchandised in our retailers’ stores, but we do not require a monthly photograph.

How often will the range be changed?

The bestsellers range will be reviewed and updated annually in the third quarter.

How does a retailer qualify for returns on replaced or removed games?

Complete the monthly stock check with your ANA specialist. Send a picture of the games that have been replaced or removed since last month’s stock check. A credit will be issued to your account.

Are the two free games limited to products in the top 40?

While we encourage retailers to use this resource to provide demos of our bestselling games, retailers are not limited to the Best Sellers product range. Furnished games will be provided as finished products.

Are retailers required to use the rack?

Retailers are free to choose whether or not they’d like to use the rack, as each store has its own look and feel.

When will the benefits of the program start?

Racks and point of sale and promotional materials will begin to arrive in retailers stores in Q3 2018. Retailers that are participating can begin to choose their free games beginning in June 2018.