Welcome to Asmodee North America!

Asmodee North America is a marketing, sales, and administrative division of the Asmodee Group, an international company dedicated to bringing great games and game experiences to all corners of the world.

Asmodee North America is located in Roseville, Minnesota and handles a wealth of amazing products from publishers like Asmodee Publishing, Catan Studio, Bombyx, Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight Games, Libellud, Liu-Meme, Matagot, Queen Games, and Repos Productions, among many others.

This site exists as a resource for our existing and prospective customers, media and press, and other professionals whom interact with Asmodee North America.

Sales Inquiries

Authorized Asmodee North America Specialty Retailers are hereby notified of the unilateral changes to the ANA Sales Policies found in this document, effective as of November 7th. 2016.

Any independent retailer interested in carrying our products are required to apply for authorization as an Asmodee North America Specialty Retailer. You may visit this page to start this application process.

Authorized specialty retailers will be eligible to purchase products for resale from Asmodee North America, or from one of our authorized specialty distributors.

If you are not an independent retailer, but your business is interested in carrying our products, please contact us at [email protected].

For detailed information on which product type corresponds to a given product, please read this document.

A list of products distributed by Asmodee North America that are no longer considered Active ANA Products can be found here.


For press or media inquires, please contact [email protected].

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